Practice Visits & Accreditation / Reaccreditation

If your GP practice is due a reaccreditation or accreditation visit the GP Specialty Training team will contact you by email.

The visiting team will comprise of 3-4 visitors; a NIMDTA Associate Director or Programme Director (Lead Visitor), Programme Director/ GP Trainer (Co-visitor) and Practice Manager (Lay visitor).

Prior to your practice visit we would ask that you complete and return a Practice Profile Document. This document will then be made available to the visiting team.

Please ensure that this document is returned at least 3 weeks prior to your practice visit.

During the practice visit the visiting team will complete the Practice Visit Manual. This document also gives further explanation on the visiting process and the documentation that the team will look for on the day.

  • Practice Visit Manual – New Practices
  • Practice Visit Manual – Existing Practices

Important points to note:

  • All trainers must be present for the visit if they wish to be accredited/ reaccredited as trainers.
  • Practice Managers should be present at the visit; in the event that the Practice Manager is unavailable a Deputy should be appointed who can assist the visiting team. It is particularly important that the Practice Manager is present for a new practice having an accreditation visit for the first time.
  • If there is a trainee(s) connected to the practice, they should be made available for the start of the visit.

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