GMC Confidentialty Guidance Review

The GMC is reviewing its guidance for doctors on confidentiality to make sure it is clear, helpful, up-to-date and relevant to doctors’ day-to-day work.

They are also reviewing the seven pieces of explanatory guidance that give more details information on specific confidentiality issues, such as reporting concerns about patients to the DVLA or DVA, disclosing information about serious communicable diseases, and reporting gunshot and knife wounds.

The GMC wish to know how useful doctors find the guidance and how they can improve it:

  • Is anything missing, wrong or misleading?
  • Could the guidance be easier to access and use?
  • Could the guidance be more helpful for particular areas of practice?

Views are requested by 9 January 2015 through an online consultation site.  Responses will be used to help redraft the guidance, in preparation for a full consultation during 2015.

Further information available below: