GMC Guidance on Self Prescribing and Registering with a GP

The GMC has recently tightened its guidance on good practice in self-prescribing or prescribing for family and colleagues. The guidance now states that ‘Doctors must avoid prescribing for themselves or anyone with whom they have a close personal relationship’.

This is particularly important for controlled medications but all medical self-prescribing should be avoided. In the past 4 years several trainees have been referred to the GMC for inappropriate self –prescribing of opiate medication.  The overall number of doctors referred for self-prescribing has trebled in the past 2 years.

All trainees should read the recent GMC guidance on prescribing at in order to avoid future potential GMC investigations and referral to fitness-to practise panels.’ 

The increasing prevalence of health related issues requiring  support and monitoring by the Deanery has high-lighted the important issue that all trainees must be registered with a personal General Practitioner. Your GP should be the first person to be contacted in the event of illness and he/she should be asked to provide official notification of sick leave/sickness absence for your employer according to your employment contract with your educational provider.