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NIMDTA provides a modular, generic professional skills framework for all specialty trainees that aims to equip doctors and dentists in training with the ability to communicate effectively, empathise, lead, follow and improve patient care, safety and Experience. This programme is called iQuest.

iQuest comprises of 17 modules that are mapped to the GMC Generic Professional Capabilities.

Modules 1 to 5 aim to explore the key principles of being a professional, explain how healthcare is organised, describe patient safety principles and prepare trainees for the next stage in their career.



Description Booking Info
Being a Professional

Aims of workshop
• To highlight and discuss a number of key areas of GMC ethical guidance


  1. Use of Social Media
  2. Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety
  3. Protecting Children and Young People
  4. Treatment and Care towards the end of Life

• To consider Fitness to Practise and Revalidation issues

Full day workshop

Conflict Resolution in Healthcare


Aims of workshop
• Identify the signs and types of conflict in healthcare teams
• Recognise your conflict management style
• Evaluate different models of conflict management within the healthcare context
• Explore the role of personality and communication style awareness in conflict resolution
• Consider a range of strategies and skills for dealing with conflict
• Apply learning to address issues raised through healthcare-based case studies

Half-day workshop
Human Factors


Aims of workshop
• To understand what is meant by ‘human factors’
• To understand why human factors are important in health care
• To know how to put knowledge of human factors into practice

Half-day workshop
Quality Improvement


Aims of workshop
• To understand the science of improvement
• To understand improvement principles
• To understand the role of measurement in improvement
• To understand improvement methodology

Half-day workshop
Interviewee Skills and Developing Resilience


Aims of workshop
• Essentials of career planning
• Making yourself competitive for interviews
• Presenting your experiences, strengths and achievements in your CV
• Developing your resilience 

Half-day workshop


Modules 6 – 10 aim to develop research, teaching and supervisory skills, to cultivate the skills needed to lead a team on call and to build awareness of the legal aspects of medicine.


Module Description Booking Info
Teaching the Teacher


Aims of workshop

  • To define the principles of adult learning
  • To plan a teaching session incorporating key learning principles
  • To reflect on motivating learners in formal and informal learning situations
  • To develop an awareness of the key components of effective feedback


Half-day workshop

Supervisory Skills Aims of workshop
  • To consider the role of the trainees as a supervisors
  • To consider the completion of work place based assessments
  • To consider how to supervise effectively
  • To be able to support and provide feedback


Half-day workshop
Understanding and Using Evidence Aims of workshop
  • To understand the importance and value of research
  • To understand Risks and Odds, Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis
  • To use critical skills to read papers


Full day event
Leading a Team on Call Aims of workshop
  • To understand the importance of teamwork to patient outcomes
  • To know the characteristics of an effective team
  • To learn communication techniques for healthcare teams
  • To understand leadership principles for healthcare teams


Half Day Workshop
Medicine and the Law Aims of workshop
  • To understand the importance of good record keeping
  • To understand duty of care
  • To discuss consent and confidentially
  • To learn about statement writing and Coroner’s cases
Half-day workshop


Modules 11 – 13 aim to develop leadership and management skills, promote awareness of trainees who require support and to help to prepare trainees for the next step in their career.




Booking Info

Supporting Trainees

Aims of workshop
• To reflect on your experience of trainees in difficulty and identify signs of difficulty
• To explore scenarios where trainees are in difficulty
• To identify sources of support


Half-day workshop

Mentoring for Success

Aims of workshop
• Engage in discussion and conversation about the definition of mentoring and draw on personal experiences
• Align good mentoring practice to the professional frameworks/ethical standards for registered doctors and dentists
• Look closely at the mentor/mentee relationship and how to consider and appreciate others’ perceptions and perspectives
• Discuss the skills involved in mentoring and engage in meaningful skills practice where you will give and receive feedback
• Understand a popular model of mentoring and practice its use
• Draw up an action plan for how to apply this to your learning in the workplace



Full day workshop

Presentation Skills

Aims of workshop
• Be aware of the importance of setting objectives for presentation (s)
• Have developed strategies to engage their audience and achieve their objective (s)
• Be aware of the non-verbal aspects of communication
• Have developed techniques for managing anxiety
• Have evaluated videos of presentations

Half-day workshop

Modules 14-17 are considered the equivalent of a management training course and are applicable to trainees within 12 months of their CCT date only.




Booking Info

Building High Performance Teams

  Aims of workshop
• To understand what being in a high performance team looks like
• To appreciate the stages of team development
• To consider the importance of role modelling, mutual respect and trust to team performance
• To explore how to evaluate team performance
• To reflect on the concepts of engaging leadership and organisational performance


Full day workshop

Clinical Leadership:

Understanding the Financial Context

Aims of workshop
• To understand HSC Funding
• To examine the commissioning cycle and the role of the Health and Social Care Board
• To understand how to write an Investment Proposal


Half-day workshop

Clinical Leadership: 

Improving Services and Managing Transformational Change

Aims of workshop
• To examine the concepts of transformational and adaptive leadership
• To appreciate how to inspire and influence others to transform
• To recognised and apply quality improvement frameworks and methodologies
• To understand the importance of data, measurement and sustainability of improvement

Full day workshop

Career Development: 

Applying for a Consultant Job


Applying for a consultant job
• Understanding consultant recruitment
• The recruitment panel’s role
• Techniques and skills for job interviews Myers Briggs
• Understanding Personality Types
• Myers Briggs 

Full day workshop


How to book via Accent Course Manager

Step one: Log into your Accent Course Manager account and update your details (including your title/ training grade and specialty as at August of the current training year). This is important as it will be required to confirm your place on any course module you wish to book on to.

Step two: Click on the iQuest section on the home page.

Step three: Select your course and apply.

If you require assistance with booking courses via Accent Course Manager, please email: