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School of Anaesthetics & Intensive Care Medicine



A Commitment to Excellence and Support

As an integral part of postgraduate education at NIMDTA we are recognised by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and Faculty of Pain Medicine. The overriding ethos of our school is a commitment to provide excellence in anaesthetic and intensive care medicine training, delivery of the RCoA and FICM curricula and support for our trainees to achieve their full potential.


Highly Regarded
The Northern Ireland School of Anaesthesia is highly regarded and known for its focus on patient safety and quality of care. Our trainees are able to work effectively and compassionately for patients in a wide range of contexts including: the perioperative journey, obstetrics, pain management, critical care, resuscitation, transfer medicine and beyond. We support broad based training interests and we encourage trainees to gain experience in fellowships, overseas out of programme training, and are fully supportive of flexible training and working.


We oversee over 130 trainees across the teaching hospitals in our 5 Trust sites. Throughout their training all our trainees are normally expected to rotate through each site.


Enthusiastic Training Faculty
We are fortunate to have an enthusiastic training faculty of College Tutors, Educational and Clinical supervisors and mentors throughout the province. All these individuals work closely with the School Board and trainee representatives to ensure our training programme remains trainee focused. Our programme placements are monitored externally and reviewed internally to ensure that standards are maintained, and NIMDTA liaises closely with each individual hospital to achieve this.


Open Door Policy
Our School operates an open-door policy and we are more than happy to be contacted for information and advice whether it be considering a career in anaesthesia or intensive care medicine, considering Northern Ireland as a training place, flexible training, or information regarding an inter-deanery transfer.


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Succeed Fellowship

Head of School & Deputy Regional Advisor:

The Head of School works with NIMDTA and the individual training departments to implement the curriculum.

Contact: Dr Mary Molloy


Deputy Head of School:

Works with the Head of School and the individual training departments to implement the curriculum

Contact: Dr David Lee


Training Programme Director:

The Training Programme Director organises the programme, allocates training posts, and organises ARCPs and interviews. 

Contact: Dr Claire Barker


TPD in Intensive Care & Regional Advisor:

NIMDTA appointed ICM TPD & FICCM appointed regional advisor.

Contact: Dr Esther Davis


Regional Advisor:

This is a Royal College of Anaesthetists appointed role.

Contact: Dr Richard Laird


Regional Advisor in Chronic Pain:

Contact: Dr Conor Farrell


Specialty Executive Officer for Schools of Anaesthetics & ICM and Emergency Medicine:

A NIMDTA employee who makes all of the above actually happen.

Contact: Ms Katrina Porter


ATRG Representatives:

Contact: Dr Brendan Haughey & Dr Mark McCague


Trainee Mentor Programme Representatives:

Contact: Dr Sarah Milligan & Dr Andrew Steele




College Tutors:

These are appointed by the College and are in every hospital and are there to ensure the quality of training at each hospital, including delivery of a formal education programme and exam preparation.


Altnagelvin Hospital:

Contact: Dr Cheryl Turkington


Antrim Hospital:

Contact: Dr Jane Turner


Belfast City Hospital

Contact: Dr Brenda Daly


Craigavon Hospital:

Contact: Dr Tim Bennett


Royal Victoria Hospital

Contact: Dr Caroline Curry



Contact: Dr Rina James



Contact: Dr Barbara McAfee


Ulster Hospital:

Contact: Dr Grace McClune


For further information or queries, please contact:


NIMDTA would like to acknowledge the following colleagues for their input to developing the information contained within the Northern Ireland School of Anaesthesia webpages:

  • Dr Brendan Haughey ST6 , Trainee Rep on School Board
  • Dr Scott Rafferty ST5, SUCCEED Education Fellow
  • Dr Graham McCracken ST7, Dual ICM trainee and Trainee Rep on  ICM committee
  • Dr Manvi Singhal ST6, Simulation Champion for Anaestheisa, RVH Anaesthesia Trauma fellow