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Royal College of Anaesthetists

A career in anaesthesia can be rewarding, challenging and fulfilling. The NI School of Anaesthetics follows the GMC approved RCoA curriculum.

More information on a career in anaesthesia is available on the Royal College of Anaesthetists website as well as the RCOA Training Hub.

Members of the School of Anaesthesia are involved in RCoA training committees: Head of School, Dr Molloy sits on the Training, Curriculum and Assessment Committee; Deputy Head of School, Dr David Lee sits on the Curriculum and development committee and Regional Advisor Dr Richard Laird sits on the Recruitment committee.

Applying to Training in Northern Ireland

Recruitment for specialty training in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine in Northern Ireland is co-ordinated through the Anaesthetic National Recrutiment Office (ANRO).

Other Specialty Anaesthesia Links in Northern Ireland



The Anaesthetic Audit & Research Network of Northern Ireland link in with RAFT (Research and Audit Federation of Anaesthetic Trainees) to promote trainee engagement with research and QI.


New to Northern Ireland

The Office for National Statistics has found Northern Ireland to be the happiest place in the UK. We also have the lowest cost of living and an excellent educational record. We benefit from training in a small geographical area and having the ability to work in hospitals surrounded by outstanding areas of natural beauty.

Visit the 'New to Northern Ireland' page for more information on the benefits of working in Northern Ireland.


The Northern Ireland Obstetric Anaesthetic Network promotes best practice of Obstetric Anaesthesia within Northern Ireland. It hosts an annual conference providing education and a forum for trainee case reports and QI presentations.



The Northern Ireland Regional Anaesthesia Society promotes the use of regional anaesthesia within Northern Ireland. Courses organised include a basic regional anaesthesia course and cadaver course.



The Northern Ireland Society of Anaesthetists arranges educational meetings including trainee prize meetings (The Dundee Medal) as well as an annual golf competition (The Barron Cup).

For further information or queries, please contact:

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