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Renting a home privately

The private rented sector offers an alternative to home ownership and rented social housing in Northern Ireland. The private rented sector is able to meet many housing needs in Northern Ireland. It provides many benefits including: open access responsiveness, especially in meeting demand from new and emerging markets, flexibility, diversity and choice in terms of property type and location, freedom from responsibility from repairs and maintenance, enabling people to house share more easily creating more shared communities. 


The landlord is responsible for:

  • Repairs to the structure and exterior of the property, heating and hot water systems, basins, sinks, baths and other sanitary ware.
  • Safety of gas and electrical appliances.
  • Fire safety of furniture and furnishings provided under the tenancy.
  • Ensuring that the property is fit for habitation.
  • Repairing and keeping in working order the room and water heating equipment and the
  • common areas in multi-occupancy dwellings.

Before you start looking for accommodation you should have an idea of the kind of accommodation

you need – the size, type and location. You should consider the location taking account of where you

work, bus and train travel, schools and shops in the area, how close you will be to friends, family,

medical care, availability of secure parking and social life. You also need to decide what size of

property you require for your needs and what you can afford. Ask around colleagues and friends for recommendations.


All private landlords must register before letting a new tenancy. To check if your landlord or their

property is registered, go to:


The landlord must protect your deposit in a tenancy deposit scheme and give you information about the scheme.

Tenancy Deposit Scheme Northern Ireland Limited (


You can find private rented accommodation:

in local newspapers under ‘property to let’ columns on property websites such as and

in shop window or notice board advertisements through estate agents or letting agents

Room for rent

Hospital accomodation

At a number of hospitals there is accommodation which you can avail of. The facilities, term and conditions and lease durations vary from site to site For more information on hospital accommodation in the Trust area you are working in please

for more information in relation to the trust area you will be working in contact the relevant Accommodation Officer, details provided below.

Antrim Hospital028 9442
Causeway Hospital028 7034 6015 (Ext. 375015)
Craigavon Area Hospital028 3756
Daisy Hill Hospital028 3756 2907

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