Northern Ireland

Welcome to Northern Ireland! We hope that you enjoy progressing and thriving in your career here

Chief Medical Officers Welcome

As Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland, it is with great pleasure that I commend Northern Ireland as a vibrant and exciting place to pursue a medical career. Irrespective of your area of practice or stage of your career, the health and social care system in Northern Ireland provides ample opportunity to make that career stimulating, challenging and rewarding. Whether your aspiration and ambition is towards pushing forward the boundaries of medical science and practice or the more mundane although no less important role of providing high quality day to day care and continually improving the services you seek to provide, Northern Ireland has a great deal to offer.

In choosing Northern Ireland to pursue the next stage in your career whether that be on a short or longer term basis the opportunities to take your career in exciting and diverse directions are plentiful. Northern Ireland’s involvement in ground breaking initiatives such as UK Precision Medicine Catapult and 100,000 Genome Project will no doubt have ramifications throughout the health sector in Northern Ireland from which patients and practitioners will benefit. In addition the potential for significant change in the nature of service provision will benefit from the input of practitioners from a diverse range of backgrounds. For this, and for the many reasons set out in the following paper I would encourage you to pursue a career in Northern Ireland.

Postgraduate Medical Deans Welcome

As Postgraduate Medical Dean for Northern Ireland I am delighted you are going to be training with NIMDTA. Irrespective of your area of practice or stage of your career, the health and social care system in Northern Ireland provides ample opportunity to make that career stimulating, challenging and rewarding.

Northern Ireland is a vibrant and exciting place to pursue a medical career and a highly desirable location in which to live, with an excellent education system, efficient public transport, a world-class healthcare service and affordable property. Great emphasis is placed on quality of life here, and our people are renowned for their friendliness and the warm welcome we extend to all visitors.

At NIMDTA we want to be able to give you the opportunity to achieve your goals in partnership with the HSC Trusts and other healthcare providers in NI. Completing a postgraduate medical and dental training programme successfully requires dedication, persistence and planning with e-portfolios to complete and examinations to pass in addition to acquiring new knowledge, skills and experience.

Through our VALUED and SUCCEED strategies we aim to enhance the care of patients in Northern Ireland by attracting, welcoming, developing, celebrating, supporting and encouraging high calibre doctors to train and remain in Northern Ireland.

The VALUED strategy supports the provision of a suitably trained medical workforce by promoting opportunities for development of generic capabilities, giving consideration to the sustainability of a medical career through support of work-life balance and periods of transition and providing opportunities for training in specialised areas including education, leadership or management work.

Through our SUCCEED strategy we strive to value programme leaders, recognised trainers and trainees and enable them to fully understand College/Faculty curricular requirements. We deliver training and education which thoroughly covers the curricula and ensure fair access to training opportunities for all. We support trainees so that they can maximise their prospects of success in examinations and at recruitment interviews and facilitate trainees to achieve, develop and explore their aptitudes and purpose through providing advice, guidance and wide ranging opportunities.

Welcome to Northern Ireland and to NIMDTA.


About Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland is one of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom.

It has a population of around 1.8 million people.

We have one of the youngest populations in Europe, 53% is under the age of 40.

Northern Ireland accounts for 6% of the total UK land area.

The people of Northern Ireland are among the happiest in the UK.

Reasons to choose Northern Ireland

1. Our people

A 2016 survey by the Office for National Statistics found that Northern Ireland was the happiest place in the UK. You are sure to get a friendly welcome from our locals who are only to happy to help.

2. More money for what matters

We have the lowest cost of living in the UK. Overall,  Northern Ireland is 34% cheaper to live in compared to London! This means more money for the things that matter to you.

3. Stunning scenery

Northern Ireland has an array of untouched and rugged beauty. From natural wonders like the Giant’s Causeway, to the stunning Fermanagh lakelands, you won’t be short of places to visit on your days off.

4. We are steeped in history

Belfast has been through some prosperous and challenging times in the last century. Today Northern Ireland is thriving and prosperous city and  our locals are proud of the place it is today.

5. Our food

Northern Ireland boasts an array of world class local produce. We have some excellent restaurants and bars, including a number of Michelin started restaurants. You can be sure there is somewhere for every taste!

6. Safety

Northern Ireland has one of the lowest crime rates in the United Kingdom.

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