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Dr Ian Steele reflects on a successful 20-year tenure as he announces retirement from NIMDTA

On Wednesday 12 October 2022, Dr Ian Steele completed his final day as Postgraduate Medical Dean and Director of Education for NIMDTA.

Ian was appointed as NIMDTA TPD for Geriatric Medicine in 2002 after having been a consultant for 5 years in the specialty. Ian continued in this role until 2007 where upon he was appointed as Deputy Head of School of Medicine and TPD for Core Medicine when the NIMDTA Specialty Schools were established. Subsequently, Ian was appointed as Associate Dean for Hospital Specialty Training and Quality Management in 2013. During this time he was also appointed to the role of Co-Editor of the Gold Guide in 2016 and became a member of COPMeD in 2017.

From May 2018, Ian began working full-time at NIMDTA after being appointed as Director of Professional Development in addition to the role of Associate Dean/Director of Hospital Specialty Training.

It was in October 2020, that Ian was then appointed as Postgraduate Medical Dean and Director of Education for NIMDTA.

Commenting on his final day, Dr Steele said,

“NIMDTA has been a ‘home’ for me for a large portion of my career and I will miss everyone deeply. My time with NIMDTA has been extremely rewarding, and I am thankful to have worked with a wonderful variety of talented and inspirational people throughout my tenure.

As outgoing PGD I am extremely proud of the relationships we have built and strengthened over the years with stakeholders such as all the Health Trusts across NI, the Department of Health NI, the local Universities and the other postgraduate education bodies within the UK.

It cannot be underestimated how much of a key role NIMDTA plays in the training of our doctors and dentists, and the impact we have on all their careers. For example, I am grateful to have been part of introducing amazing initiatives such as the NIMDTA ‘ADEPT’ Programme which allows doctors in training to be ‘within’ NIMDTA and see first-hand the work that goes into supporting our Trainees and driving projects that promote continual development and improvement.

I am immensely proud of the many challenges we have overcome over the years, with most notably our ability to maintain delivery of training throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. I am also proud that during my tenure I was able to make our voice heard loud and clear within medical and dental training education forums at local and national levels.

I am delighted that Dr Camille Harron has been appointed Interim PGD, and I have no doubt that she will successfully progress the work of NIMDTA in the coming weeks and months.

Thank you to everyone for their friendship and generosity over the years, and I wish all our team members all the very best for the future!”

Dr Camille Harron, Interim Postgraduate Medical Dean and Director of Education at NIMDTA said, “Ian has been a fantastic role model throughout his time at NIMDTA.  As Postgraduate Dean, he has provided decisive and insightful leadership through a period of significant challenges.  His expertise, wisdom and mentorship of colleagues on all matters related to postgraduate training has been greatly appreciated both locally and on a national level.  His influence will continue in the minds of those who have worked with and trained under him and in his new role within the HSCNI.  I wish him every future success and happiness.”

Mr Mark McCarey, Chief Executive at NIMDTA said, “I am personally indebted to Ian for the tremendous leadership that he has provided in his role through the most testing of times.  Pandemic disruption, leadership transition and significant changes to our brief have presented during this time.  Ian is gifted with a thoughtful and thorough manner, which have been invaluable to NIMDTA during this time. I would like to wish Ian every happiness in this new phase of life, and have no doubt that he will be successful at all that he turns his attention to.”

Mrs Denise Hughes, Senior Education Manager at NIMDTA said, “I would like thank Ian for his continued support and leadership to NIMDTA’s educators and education management staff throughout all his roles, in particular over the past few years as Postgraduate Dean. He has continued to be an advocate for trainees and training in Northern Ireland both on a regional and national basis.  On behalf of the training departments, I wish him well in his next chapter.’  


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