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Educational Excellence Day 2023

NIMDTA held its 6th annual Educational Excellence Awards event in the Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim on Friday 9th June 2023.

The theme for this years’ event was ‘Excellence in Leadership’ and Professor Lourda Geoghegan, Deputy Chief Medical Officer from the Department of Health Northern Ireland delivered the Welcome Address to the trainees, trainers and other invited guests.

Further Keynote Addresses were also delivered by Dr Neil Corrigan, former Director of Medical Education WHSCT (Training and Teaching in Interesting Times), Mr James MacSorley Northern Ireland Athlete (Excellence in Leadership), and Professor Nigel Hart, President of the Ulster Medical Society (If not us, who? If not now, when?).

In addition, ADEPT Clinical Leadership Fellows 2022/2023 each presented an overview of project outcomes, innovations and experiences from their host organisation placements to date, and feedback on formal leadership training including mentoring and coaching they attended as future leaders in healthcare.


Professor Geoghegan presented the Awards and the category winners were:

Category Winner
Innovation in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Dr Mukesh Chugh
Innovation in Training (HSCNI Trusts) Southern Health and Social Care Trust – International Medical Graduate Academy
Innovation in Training (Trainees) Dr William McKeown
Innovation in Training (Trainer/Educator) Dr Philip Ross
Recognition of National Award Dr Alicia Jasinska-Piadlo
Dr Manvi - Singhal
Outstanding Success in National Examination Dr Peter Currie


Dr Neil Corrigan was also presented with a special recognition award for his outstanding contribution to Medical Education.


Dr Camille Harron, Postgraduate Medical Dean and Director of Education, NIMDTA said;

“The purpose of the ‘Educational Excellence Awards’ is to officially recognise and celebrate the successes achieved during the academic year of Doctors and Dentists in training, Trainers and Educators across Northern Ireland.

This forms part of NIMDTA’s VALUED strategy to ‘Applaud & acclaim success’.

It is encouraging to see the support for ‘excellence’ from our partners and host organisations today, and I am delighted to see more and more Trainees and Trainers being nominated for their outstanding work, inspiration and contributions to supporting and improving healthcare.

Congratulations to all the winners!”

“Excellence is never an accident.

It is always the result of high intention,
sincere effort, and intelligent execution.

It represents the wise choice of many alternatives
- choice, not chance, determines your destiny”



Winner Photos further below!


Guests Arrive and Network

Dr Anita Smyth Chairs the Opening Address

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for NI, Professor Lourda Geoghegan delivers the Welcome Address highlighting the importance of taking time to acknowledge the everyday good work being done throughout our HSC system, amidst the challenging environments we work in

Dr Neil Corrigan Delivers his Keynote Speech "Training and Teaching in interesting times" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023. Dr Corrigan reflected on navigating the pandemic as a DME, the importance of forging good working relationships with others, and the importance of maintaining compassion under pressure

ADEPT Fellow Mr Conor McCann delivers the first #ADEPTFellow project presentation as part of #ExcellenceDay2023 "Improving the Quality of Training Placements"

ADEPT Fellow Dr James Irvine delivers his project presentation "Developing Simulation Training in Hyperacute Stroke" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023

ADEPT Fellow Mr Martin King delivers his project presentation "Tomorrows Training Today" as part of #ExcellenceDay

ADEPT Fellow Dr Mary-Beth Toner delivers her presentation regarding the exciting #encompassNI project for #ExcellenceDay2023

ADEPT Fellow Mr Michael McMahon delivers his presentation "My Progress in QUB" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023

Mr James MacSorley delivers the 'Inspirational Keynote Speech' - a prerecorded address kindly produced for #ExcellenceDay2023 while training between Spain, Germany and Dubai!

ADEPT Fellow Dr Michael Breen commences Round 2 of ADEPT Fellow project presentations with "Delivering Together Transformation Programme" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023

ADEPT Fellow Dr Patrick Renshaw delivers his project presentation "Easing the Transition" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023

ADEPT Fellow Dr Ross Irvine delivers his project presentation"Progressing the New to Northern Ireland (N2NI) Initiative" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023

ADEPT Fellow Mr Ryan Moffett delivers his presentation "Simulation: Training and Champions" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023

ADEPT Fellow Dr Mary Berry delivers her presentation "NeoSim: An Inter-professional Neonatal Education, Quality Improving Project" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023

President of Ulster Medical Society Professor Nigel Hart delivers his Clinical Keynote Speech "If not now, when? If not us, then who?" as part of #ExcellenceDay2023

Winner Photos:

Mr Brendan Lavery (DME WHSCT) presents Dr Mukesh Chugh with his award for 'Innovation in Equality, Diversity and Inclusiveness' . (Dr Chugh was unable to attend the event on the day)

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for NI, Prof Lourda Geoghegan presents the award for 'Innovation in Training (LEPs)' to Southern Health Trust 'International Graduate Academy'. Receiving the award on behalf of SHSCT is Head of Medical HR, Ms Zoe Parks

Dr Vahidassr presents Dr William MCKeown with his award for 'Innovation in Training (Trainee). (Dr McKeown was unable to attend the event on the day)

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for NI, Prof Lourda Geoghegan presents the award for 'Innovation in Training (Trainer) to Dr Philip Ross

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for NI, Prof Lourda Geoghegan presents the award for 'Recognition of National Award' to Dr Manvi Singhal

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for NI, Prof Lourda Geoghegan presents the award for 'Recognition of National Award' to Dr Alicja Jasinska-Piadlo

Deputy Chief Medical Officer for NI, Prof Lourda Geoghegan presents the award for 'Outstanding Success in a National Exam' to Dr Peter Currie

Postgraduate Dean & Director of Education NIMDTA, Dr Camille Harron presents Dr Neil Corrigan with a very special 'Outstanding Contribution to Medical Education' award for his serviecs to medical educaiton throughout his career

ADEPT Fellow Award Presentations:

ADEPT Fellows for 2022/23 received their Awards.
BACK ROW (L-R) Dr Michael Breen, Dr James Irvine, Mr Michael McMahon, Dr Patrick Renshaw, Mr Ryan Moffatt.
FRONT ROW (L-R) Ms Denise Hughes, Senior Education Manager NIMDTA, Mr Conor McCann, Dr Mary-Beth Toner, Dr Ross Irvine, Dr Sarah Berry, Mr Martin King, and Postgraduate Dean & Direcitr of Education Dr Camille Harron, NIMDTA





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