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NIMDTA ADEPT Fellows host Breakfast Session with UK Chief and Deputy Chief Medical Officers

NIMDTA and the ADEPT Clinical Leadership Fellows were delighted to host members of the Chief and Deputy Chief Medical Officer (CMO and DCMO) teams from across Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales for a breakfast Q&A session with a cohort of doctors in training at the Stormont Hotel on Friday 16th December 2022.

After informal introductions over breakfast, Dr Lourda Geoghegan, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland, welcomed a selection of trainee ambassadors and forum members to the event, with various specialties and stages of training represented. Trainees were joined by Professor Sir Michael McBride, the Chief Medical Officer for Northern Ireland; Professor Sir Gregor Smith, the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland; and Sir Frank Atherton, the Chief Medical Officer for Wales, alongside Dr Geoghegan and Professor Marion Bain, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Scotland.

During the event the CMOs and DCMOs provided an overview of their own journeys into medical leadership positions and shared insights and learnings from their experiences.

The topics of conversation were varied and included discussions around trainee wellbeing, international medical graduates and, postgraduate training and recruitment.

Dr Michael Breen, GP Trainee and ADEPT Clinical Leadership Fellow based in the Department of Health, said “This event was a unique opportunity for trainees to engage and interact with senior healthcare leaders from across the UK. It was a real privilege to hear their reflections and see what learnings we can take away as trainees to apply to our own leadership journeys.”


Prof Sir Gregor Smith, Department of Health Scotland offers insight during the ADEPT Fellow event.

Sir Frank Atherton, Department of Health Wales shares career highlights to attendees during the ADEPT Fellow event

Prof Sir Michael McBride, Department of Health NI, provides inspiring advice to attendees during the ADEPT Fellow event

Dr Michael Breen chairs proceeding during the ADEPT Fellow event

Trainees, Trainer Ambassadors and members of NIMDTA Senior Management are amongst the attendees pictured with the UK Chief Medical Officers and Deputy Chief Medical Officers during the NIMDTA ADEPT Fellows special breakfast meeting on Friday 16th December 2022.

NIMDTA ADEPT Fellows are pictured with UK Chief Medical Officers and Deputy Chief Medical Officers during their breakfast event on Friday 16th December 2022

For further information on the ADEPT Clinical Leadership Fellow programme contact:


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