National training survey 2015: what do you think about your training?

This year’s annual national training survey launched on 24 March.  As a doctor in training, this is your chance to have your say on the training you receive. 

The survey results help deaneries, local education and training boards and local education providers recognise the aspects of the training they deliver that are working well; and to take action where results indicate a need for improvement. 

Toby Reynolds, ST3 in Anaesthesia and Clinical Fellow at the GMC said:

“The national training survey is probably the single most important tool in driving up the quality of postgraduate medical education and training across the UK. It helps local sites and deaneries and LETBs to spot what is going well and what could be improved, particularly around challenging areas such as supervision and how supportive the training environment is.

Every response really counts: The survey’s growing reputation as a quality improvement measure means that clinicians, trainers, senior management and boards all take it seriously.”

The survey is quick and easy to take

The survey is quick and easy to complete and takes around 20 minutes. Log in to your GMC Online account after 24 March where your survey will be waiting for you. Please complete your survey by midday on 6 May 2015 to make sure your views count.

The survey gives us a unique chance to understand, reflect and improve the way we deliver your training. It’s important that we hear the views of all doctors in training, so we get an accurate a picture of the training we provide.

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