BMA Foundation Covid-19 Grant

The BMA Foundation for Medical Research is offering the COVID-19 grant, for new and ongoing research into COVID-19.  Details are as follows:

BMA Foundation Covid-19 Grant

Applicant criteria

Open to any UK-registered medical practitioners or research scientists working in the UK.

Applications can be for new and ongoing research into Covid-19.

Applicants must submit the following documentations in PDF format:

  • Project proposal (max 2,500 words)
  • Funding breakdown
  • Ethical approval (if relevant)
  • Organisation permission letter
  • Details of two referees and their contact details

Assessment criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:


  • Will the project provide new insight into the problem?
  • Would the project be valuable in confirming the results of existing studies?

Importance (clinical or otherwise) of the work

  • Is the project area already receiving much attention; i.e. is further support warranted?
  • Will the project contribute to furtherance of knowledge in the field?
  • Will the project be of ultimate benefit to patient care?

Scientific reliability – project design and methods

  • Is the project well designed?
  • Are the methods outlined appropriate to achieve the objective?
  • Is the sample size justified; ie not too small to answer the question, or too large, wasting resources?
  • Is the use of controls appropriate?
  • Are supporting references up-to-date and relevant?

Data analysis

  • Is the proposed data analysis described?
  • Will the project be statistically sound; ie have the requirements for statistical analysis been considered in advance?

Experience of applicant, facilities and support

  • Is the applicant sufficiently experienced and qualified to carry out the study?
  • Is the applicant’s department, work setting or level of supervision of a high enough calibre to support the project adequately?

Appropriate use of funds

  • Will the supplies or services for which funding is requested, provide a valuable contribution to the project? Is the funding requested appropriate for the supplies or services detailed; i.e. has the applicant given an accurate quotation or realistic estimates?
  • Is completion of the project dependent on the applicant securing funds from other sources? Preference will be given to projects for which completion is not dependent on the applicant subsequently obtaining additional funding from other sources.
  • Would funding for this project be available from non-voluntary sources?

Important information

The BMA Foundation for Medical Research grants are not available for the funding of:

  • undergraduate education
  • postgraduate education involving ‘taught’ programmes (eg Masters courses)
  • overseas education or training
  • solely for travel or accommodation expenses
  • the purchase of computer hardware

The BMA Foundation for Medical Research grants will also only fund the direct research costs of the research project and is not available for any overheads, estates costs or indirect costs.

Further details and how to apply

For further details on the prize please visit the BMA Foundation webpages or email

To apply please email your application documents to by Friday 3 April 2020.

Please use the subject heading ‘BMA FOUNDATION COVID-19’ in your email. It is intended to inform applicants on the outcome of their application by the end April 2020.