GMC Update: Adapted ARCP Panels and outcomes

During the pandemic the GMC, SEBs, and Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties recognise that there may be challenges for trainees and trainers in attaining the competencies or in providing the evidence of competence for progression at ARCP.

As set out by the four SEBs in a statement ‘Supporting the COVID-19 response: Enabling progression at ARCP’ (21 April 2020) changes have been introduced for ARCPs, including the introduction of two new ARCP Outcomes – Outcomes 10.1 and 10.2 – and these will continue to run in 2021.

Outcomes described in Gold Guide 8 should be used where possible. If trainees meet the minimum evidence and competency requirements in the GMC-approved amended decision aid, then they should get an Outcome 1 or 6.

If they do not meet GMC-approved amended decision aid requirements and:

a Can progress – they should get an Outcome 2 or an Outcome 10.1 (if COVID-related)

b Can’t progress (due to being at a critical progression point or due to patient safety issues) – they should get an Outcome 3 or Outcome 10.2 (if COVID-related).

Further details are available here:

Please click here for the GMC’s full policy on temporary changes (derogations) to postgraduate curriculum requirements where training has been disrupted by the pandemic.