Join the UMJ Editorial Board

Are you interested in finding out about medical writing?


The Ulster Medical Journal is seeking to appoint trainee representatives to its editorial board. The UMJ is an international general medical journal with contributions on all areas of medical and surgical specialties relevant to a general medical readership. It retains a focus on material relevant to the health of the Northern Ireland population.


This would be an opportunity to learn more about the production of a medical journal. Your role would be to attend meetings of the board (maximum 3 per year), to suggest topics that would be of interest to trainees, and to encourage trainee contributions and readership. There would also be an opportunity to be involved in the review of submissions prior to publication.


Ideally, you would be able to commit to two years on the board.


Enquires can be addressed to


Michael Trimble

Honorary Editor | Ulster Medical Journal


Centre for Medical Education,

Queen’s University, Belfast

Mulhouse Building, 1st Floor,

Royal Victoria Hospital,

Grosvenor Road,

Belfast BT12 6BJ