New to Northern Ireland Trainee Survey

The VALUED Trainees team at NIMDTA really wants to hear about your experiences as doctors who considered themselves ‘New to Northern Ireland’ at the start of their training here.

In order to better understand the practical difficulties that you may have had when you started your training in Northern Ireland as well as to identify the things that may have worked well, we have put together a short survey, based around the key areas highlighted by recent IMG trainee focus groups.  There is no time limit on when you started your training in Northern Ireland, as we would like to hear from everyone about both the positive and negative aspects of your experiences when you moved to work here.

This is an anonymised survey that will allow you to provide your views on the experience fully, honestly and confidentially. This will help us to better understand what we, at NIMDTA, could do to improve the experience of coming to live and work in Northern Ireland.

We would be grateful if you could spare 15 minutes to complete the online survey via this link: New2NI

This Survey will be open for 3 weeks and will close on the 10 November 2021.