NIMDTA Alumnus Network

The NIMDTA Alumnus Network was first established in 2018, when its first newsletter was published.

The aim of this network is help previous trainees remain connected with their former colleagues, with education and training and with NIMDTA. Joining the Alumnus network enables previous trainees to hear about opportunities within training programmes and for those post CCT to hear about opportunities to remain engaged with postgraduate medical and dental education through involvement with NIMDTA as a clinical facilitator, trainer or educator.

Newsletters are published twice-yearly, providing updates for former NIMDTA trainees and informing about new NIMDTA initiatives as well as training and networking events. In addition, we will be creating a new Alumnus section on the website. We also welcome feedback and suggestions from former trainees, trainers and educators.

Joining has been set up to be as straightforward as possible with automatic enrolment to include doctors who have completed Foundation, Core or Higher training this year in the membership and on the email circulation list. If you do not wish to be included please email letting us know your name, contact email address and the training programme you have just completed and we will remove your details from the list.

To sign up for further updates, contact for subscription.

Edition 4 of this newsletter is available here (