The Peer Interview Scheme

The peer interview scheme provides interview preparation courses for those applying to both core and higher speciality training posts. We need YOU to interview your peers! 

Advantages for the interviewer are:

  • Understanding the structure and running of an interview process
  • Recruitment and Selection training as part of the process
  • Identifying good technique by peers who are undergoing a mock interview process
  • Providing support for junior trainees who appreciate your guidance

Dates of the interview scheme are as follows:

  • Foundation to Specialty Interview: 9th January & 15th January 2020 from  18:30- 20:30
  • Core to higher Interview: 10th February & 12th March 2020  from  18:30- 20:30

If you would like to take part as faculty (as a peer interviewer on the night) please register your interest by emailing with the title ‘peer INTERVIEWER.’

For those wishing to take part as delegates: Booking will become active on Intrepid 9th December. Places will be filled on a first come first serve basis and are limited to 24 places each evening.  Trainees will have preference over non-training applicants. Media & TextParagraph

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