NIMDTA Annual Educators Day

You are warmly invited to attend the Northern Ireland Deanery’s Third Educator Conference on Friday 26th September 2014 at Riddel Hall, QUB, Stranmillis Road, Belfast. 

This all-day event is targeted at the medical and dental professionals who provide leadership in the postgraduate education of doctors and dentists in training in Northern Ireland. The aim of this conference is to inform, equip and inspire Northern Ireland’s Postgraduate Medical and Dental Educators. 

In addition to training doctors and dentists to deliver and lead clinical services, NIMDTA has a duty to improve healthcare and promote patient safety by providing doctors and dentists with training in evidence-based medicine, quality improvement methodology and by encouraging clinical trainees to enter medical research and be innovative. The major focus of the morning of the Conference will be on Innovation, Research and Patient Safety. 

In the afternoon we will be asking the leaders within health policy, regulation and service delivery to tell us what they expect from us as Educators. 

The Annual Educator Conference is therefore entitled ‘Innovation, Safety and Expectations’. We trust you will find the attached programme interesting, stimulating and thought provoking.  

We are delighted to welcome Dr Michael McBride (CMO) and to welcome back Dr Vicky Osgood (Director of Education and Standards, GMC) as speakers.  Dr Cathy Jack will be joining us to provide insights from the service with experience as a medical director within the HSC.  Mr Simon Reid (CDO) and Dr Margaret O’Brien as Head of General Medical Services at HSCB will be joining us as panellists. We are privileged that undergraduate and postgraduate clinical educational leaders from England, Wales and Northern Ireland have kindly agreed to address us – Professor Stuart Elborn, Dr Ian Curran and Professor Judy McKimm. 

Please do take up the opportunity to mingle with like-minded professionals and obtain continuing professional development as medical and dental educators. 

The programme highlights are: 

  1. Innovation and Simulation – Keynote Address
  2. Patient Safety Focus – Plenary Session
  3. Research Training Opportunities – Plenary Session
  4. Practical Workshops on 7 topics
  5. Expectations of a Deanery and Deanery Educators – Symposium

NIMDTA believes that high quality postgraduate medical and dental education and training is of vital importance to the successful delivery of high quality healthcare services to the population in Northern Ireland now and in the future. Our duty is to seek the resources for and ensure the delivery of high quality training and through improvements in training to enhance patient care.

We would therefore encourage you to set time aside and make attendance at this Annual Conference a priority. 

Please note numbers are limited. To reserve a place, please email