OOPT Applications to GMC- Prospectively & Retrospectively

This guidance makes clear that all training must be prospectively approved if it is to count towards the award of a CCT or CESR (CP) and this is a requirement of the EU Directive.  As of Monday 28 April, we will withdraw any application where the out of programme post has already started, regardless of the reason for it being submitted retrospectively. We will not have a transitional period, and so we ask that before you submit or endorse an out of programme application, you make sure the post has not started. This will ensure that we meet our statutory obligation. 

All training must be approved prospectively if it is to count towards the award of CCT or CESR (CP) – this is a requirement of the European Directive 2005/36/EC. In order to fulfil our statutory obligation, we will not approve training that has already been undertaken. 

In the instance where an application is received after the training post has started, we will only consider approving the remaining part of the post. In order to do this, we will require confirmation from the relevant college that the competencies that will be counting towards CCT or CESR (CP) will be attained in the future part of the post. We will also ask the college to amend the number of months to count if necessary. If the application is submitted after the start date, we will approach the college for this information. I ask that in these situations, the request is expedited so as to not disadvantage the trainee further. 

If you have queries regarding specific applications, please direct them to our dedicated out of programme mailbox: OOPTapprovals@gmc-uk.org