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Professional Support & Wellbeing

Welcome to the Professional Support & Wellbeing information pages.

We aim to provide best practice in supporting and developing postgraduate doctors and dentists in training within Northern Ireland.

The PSU was formed in 2016 to encompass the activities of Human Resources and Professional Support Unit, and is independent from regulatory processes such as ARCP panels, Trust or GMC investigations.

We provide services aimed at both supporting trainees when there are concerns or difficulties during their training and providing development opportunities for all trainees. We also aim to provide help and guidance to trainers as they support trainees at a local level. The aims of the Professional Support Team are:

  • To provide best practice in supporting postgraduate doctors and dentists in training
  • To promote a supportive and developmental culture for the NIMDTA educational community and staff

We hope from here you will be able to access relevant services and resources specific to your needs.

Below is a list of common areas the PSU can offer support and guidance with.


It is not uncommon to experience personal or professional difficulties which can potentially impact on work or training and for which we may need support.

NIMDTA PSU endeavours to provide a holistic and collaborative approach in supporting trainees and believe that early intervention can present the best outcome for the trainee, colleagues and patients.

Providing trainees with careers guidance and supporting career decisions presents as a major function for the unit and is facilitated on both a 1:1 basis and larger teaching forums.

In addition, the unit is a resource for advice, guidance and information regarding concerns to all parties involved in the education and management of medical and dental trainees. We hope our welcome video and frequently asked questions link below will help you understand more about services available:

FAQs for Trainees
FAQs for Educators/Trainers
Professional Support Unit - Policy

The Trainee Review Group is a sub-committee of the Quality Management Group which meet bimonthly and is chaired by the Associate Dean for Professional Support & Well Being.

Its purpose is to support the Quality Management Group in the delivery of the business of the Agency, by providing a cross agency working platform in relation to trainees who require additional support. The Group will have a particular focus on ensuring a consistent approach to policies and procedures in relation to this, providing a forum for the sharing of good practice, and to ensure that such confidential information is stored, retrieved and shared in an appropriate manner.

Membership of Group:

  • Associate Dean for Professional Support & Well Being (Chair)
  • Professional Support Leads
  • Postgraduate Medical Dean
  • Director of Hospital Speciality Training
  • Foundation School Director
  • Director of General Practice Training
  • Senior Education Manager
  • Senior Professional Support Manager
  • Professional Support Manager


The following are also ad-hoc members of the Trainee Review Group:

  • Postgraduate Dental Dean
  • Psychiatry Adviser
  • Director or Deputy Director of the Centre for Medical Education, Queens University Belfast

The Terms of Reference for the Trainee Review Group can be accessed below:

Trainee Support Review Group Terms of Reference

Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 requires public authorities, in carrying out their functions, powers and duties, to promote equality of opportunity and good relations among a range of groups.

The Agency has developed an Equality Scheme in order to set out how this statutory duty will be upheld.  This Scheme was approved by the Equality Commission in September 2011.

Equality Scheme
Equality Scheme - Easy Read Version

The groups spelled out in Section 75 are:

  1. persons of different religious belief, political opinion, racial group, age, marital status or sexual orientation;
  2. men and women generally;
  3. persons with a disability and persons without;
  4. persons with dependants and persons without.

The legislation seeks to ensure that equality is mainstreamed in public authorities. This means it aims to ascertain that equality considerations are taken on board in everything an organisation does, in other words that equality becomes part and parcel of the work of an organisation.  To this end, Section 75 requires all public bodies to produce an Equality Scheme.  Our scheme, which was approved in September 2011, lays out what we will do to promote equality and good relations within the Agency over a five year period. The main issues, which the Scheme addresses, relate to:

  • how we take on board equality issues in reviewing and developing our policies
  • how we equip our staff to effectively address equality issues in their work by delivering training to them
  • how we consult and communicate with the public in all aspects of implementing the statutory equality duties
  • how we promote good relations within our work.

The Equality Commission’s guidance outlines a two-stage process for the consideration of equality implications in the development and review of policies: Screening as the initial review to identify those policies with greatest equality implications and Equality Impact Assessments (EQIAs) as a subsequent, more rigorous examination of those identified policies. For Equality Screening Templates, please click on the link below:


Equality and Disability Action Plans

Equality and Disability Action Plan

Equality and Disability Action Plan (Easy Read Version)
Equality and Disability Screening Template
Equality And Disability Action Plans Consultation Report

Early identification and appropriate interventions are the desired objective to enable smooth progression for trainees.

In the first instance the ambition would be to initiate this support and resolution at local level.

The PSU education strategy works collaboratively to inform and equip present and future personnel involved in the education and management of medical and dental trainees in this area.

iQuest Modules

Aimed at all specialty trainees to prepare for transitions.

  • 5A: Career Development and Resilience
  • 11: Trainee Support

Faculty Development

Interactive workshops aimed at equipping personnel involved in the education and management of medical and dental trainees in identifying and supporting trainees with concerns.

Careers Education

Equipping and supporting trainees to make informed decisions about career choices plays an important part in the work of the PSU.

  • F2 Generic Skills
  • Annual Careers Fair

Dyslexia is about information processing.  People with dyslexia may have difficulty processing and remembering information they see and hear.  Dyslexia occurs independently of intelligence and can occur in people of all backgrounds and abilities.

More information can be found at: 

If as an educational supervisor or trainee you have any concerns regarding the possibility of dyslexia please contact the professional support unit for information on support and services available.


Study Support for Doctors with Dyslexia

HEE Wessex Have developed practice guidance for doctors with dyslexia based on original research by the PSU conducted in 2015. With their kind permission we have provided access to the guide below


Study Skills and Examination Preparation

Preparing for examinations can be a challenge when still juggling so many other demands. It is therefore important that you plan and maximise the benefits of your study time.

With permission of Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education see below their useful guide to exam preparation:

HESW (Peninsula) Guide To Postgraduate Examination Preparation – 2014

Maintaining professional wellbeing is a key component of successfully completing training.  NIMDTA is committed to promoting and supporting the wellbeing of all those linked to NIMDTA. NIMDTA co-chairs a joint working group with QUB on Professional Wellbeing.  The group have developed a template which signposts opportunities for educational development in this area.  The terms of reference for the group and template may be accessed below.

Terms Of Reference For Joint NIMDTA And QUB

Resilience Training Pathway Dental

Resilience Training Pathway Medicine

This video provides a useful introduction to resilience, please click on the picture below to access.

Other resources for wellbeing and resilience:

Northern Ireland Medical and Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA) has developed new draft Equality and Disability Action Plans for 2023-28.

The Equality Action Plan looks at actions we want to take to tackle inequalities across all equality categories. The purpose of our Disability Action Plan is to look at things we want to do to promote positive attitudes towards disabled people and encourage their participation in our work areas.

We are now seeking views on our draft Equality and Disability Action Plans, and would welcome you taking the time to respond to this consultation exercise.

The consultation will close at 5pm on Monday 3rd July 2023.

You can share your comments in writing either by;

If you would like to meet with us in person or over the phone to share your views, you can contact: or call 02895360182 .

We also intend to organise some consultation events and will publish further information on these on this website soon.

Please click on the links below to view the consultation documents.

Equality and Disability Action Plan ( Large Print Version)

Equality and Disability Action Plan (Easy Read Version)

Equality and Disability Screening Template

Equality And Disability Action Plans Consultation Report


We are jointly consulting together with 10 other Health and Social Care organisations who we work with on equality and disability matters. The Equality Unit in the Business Services Organisation, who support us in our work, are co-ordinating this consultation on our behalf.

  • Prowadzimy konsultacje w sprawie naszych nowych planów działania dotyczących równości i niepełnosprawności.  Jeśli chcesz uzyskać więcej informacji i podzielić się swoją opinią, skontaktuj się z nami.
  • Konsultuojame dėl naujų lygybės ir negalios veiksmų planų.  Jei norėtumėte gauti daugiau detalios informacijos ar pageidaujate pasidalinti savo nuomone, prašom susisiekite su mumis
  • Facem consultații cu privire la noile noastre planuri de acțiune pentru egalitate și dizabilitate  Dacă doriți informații suplimentare și dacă doriți să ne spuneți părerea dvs. vă rugăm să ne contactați.
  • Провеждаме консултации за нашите нови планове за действия относно равенството и увреждания.  Ако желаете да получите допълнителна информация и да споделите възгледите си, свържете се с нас.
  • Estamos a consultar sobre os nossos novos Planos de Ação para a Igualdade e Deficiência.  Se desejar obter mais informações e quiser partilhar os seus pareceres, queira entrar em contacto connosco.
  • Ami halo hela konsulta kona-ba Planu Asaun Defisiensia no Igualidade foun.  Se Ita hakarak informasaun kle’an no hato’o Ita-nia vizaun sira entaun favor kontaktu ami.
  • Konzultujeme naše nové akčné plány pre rovnosť a zdravotné postihnutia.  Ak by ste chceli ďalšie informácie alebo podeliť sa o svoje názory, kontaktujte nás
  • Waxaan kala tashanaynaa Qorsheyaashayada Waxqabadka Sinaanta iyo Naafada.  Ihaddii aad rabto macluumaad dheeri ah oo aad nala wadaagto aragtidaada fadlan nala soo xiriir.
  • Мы проводим консультации по нашим новым планам действий по обеспечению равноправия и помощи людям с инвалидностью.  Если вы хотите получить дополнительную информацию и поделиться своим мнением, пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами.
  • نحن نجري استشارة حول خططنا الاجرائية الجديدة المتعلقة بالاعاقة والمساواة   اذا كنت ترغب
  • بالحصول على المزيد من المعلومات وابداء ارائك حولها ، فيرجى منك التواصل معنا     

We also intend to organise some consultation events and will publish further information on these on this website soon.



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