Careers Support and Guidance

Recent changes in the organisation and governance of postgraduate medical training mean that it is essential to start planning your career pathway even as early as your 3rd or 4th year at medical school, so that you will be prepared to make decisions about your postgraduate Foundation Year rotations.  For recent postgraduates who have reached the Foundation stage, important career decisions have to be made after only 18 months of the 2 year training period.  Therefore, it is even more important that you have a clear knowledge of the specialties, their entry requirements, the application process, interview skills and the training programmes which you will face for 3-7 years post Foundation School.

This information is produced by the Deanery to update and advise you on all aspects of the above topics so that you are well equipped for entry to a successful career pathway.

Careers Education

Equipping and supporting trainees to make informed decisions about career choices plays an important part in the work of the Professional Support Unit.

  • F2 Generic Skills
  • Annual Careers Fair

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