Professional Support Review Group

The Professional Support Review Group is a sub-committee of the Quality Management Group which meet monthly and is chaired by the Associate Dean for Career and Personal Development.

Its purpose is to support the Quality Management Group in the delivery of the business of the Agency, by providing a cross agency working platform in relation to trainees who require additional support. The Group will have a particular focus on ensuring a consistent approach to policies and procedures in relation to this, providing a forum for the sharing of good practice, and to ensure that such confidential information is stored, retrieved and shared in an appropriate manner.

Membership of Group:

  • Postgraduate Dean
  • Associate Dean for Secondary Care
  • Associate Dean for Foundation Training
  • Associate Dean for Career and Personal Development
  • General Practice Director
  • Postgraduate Dental Dean
  • Education Manager
  • Professional Support Manager
  • Professional Support and Development Officer
  • Occupational Health Consultant
  • Psychiatry Adviser

The Terms of Reference for the Trainee Support Review Group can be accessed below:

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