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How to Raise a Concern

All healthcare staff have a responsibility to raise concerns at an early stage.

Concerns about patient safety, undermining, bullying and harassment (including sexual harassment) or the quality of the training in your training placement, must be raised promptly and we strongly encourage you to report these concerns at the time that they occur.

Where a trainee raises an issue relating to patient or trainee safety or undermining, it is our expectation that they will need to be identified in order to allow a full and proper investigation.

Please note: If sufficient information about an issue has not been provided to NIMDTA or a Trust, without your cooperation in the investigation, the concerns raised may not be resolved and the case closed

Click HERE to report a concern


The most effective, efficient and timely way to raise concerns about patient safety is through your placement provider’s clinical governance procedures.

Concerns about undermining, bullying or sexual harassment should be raised with your clinical supervisor or educational supervisor in the first instance. If that is not possible, you should raise the concern with the Director of Medical Education (for placements in a HSC Trust), your Training Programme Director or your Head of School.

If you feel your training experience is unsatisfactory (e.g. induction, handover, supervision, workload) you should bring this to the attention of your trainers immediately. You can also escalate your concerns about your training experience to NIMDTA via your Head of School or Training Programme Director.

If you feel that your concern is not being listened to, you can raise your concern via the NIMDTA’s new confidential Online Portal. Whatever the nature of your concern, we will seek to support you in raising that concern and in following up the concern. However, please note that if there are issues relating to patient safety, trainee safety or undermining, you will need to be identified in order to allow full and proper investigation.

To ensure that training takes place in a safe and supportive training environment, the GMC shares National Trainee Survey comments regarding bullying/undermining and patient safety with NIMDTA.

The GMC does not routinely share your identity when they share comments. However, we will ask the GMC for your details if we require further information about your concern to facilitate thorough investigation or if it is essential to address serious patient safety concerns.

The GMC will inform you before sharing your identity with NIMDTA. We will take your comments seriously and we will follow up on all issues that you raise.