Deanery Report

In order to carry out its function of Quality Management, the Deanery needs to monitor Local Education Providers, assure the quality of the training delivered through Specialty Schools and submit Deanery Reports to GMC.

To assist in the monitoring process and in completing the Deanery Reports for the GMC, each Local Education Provider and each Specialty School are required to complete an annual self-assessment report against GMC standards.

The report forms come in separate formats for Local Education Providers and for Specialty Schools and are set out according to the GMC standards. Both the Specialty Schools and the Local Education Providers are asked to identify areas of good practice and areas of concern and to produce an Action Plan to deal with the areas of concern.


The reports:

  • Are scrutinised at the Quality Management Group
  • Are fed into the Deanery Quality Management Risk Grid
  • Are used to inform Deanery Report to GMC
  • Are used to inform Deanery Visits

Action Plans

The Action Plans:

  • will be produced by both Local Education Providers and Specialty Schools annually in conjunction with their annual report
  • are scrutinised at the Quality Management Group
  • are used to inform Deanery Report to the GMC
  • are used to inform Deanery Visits
  • are used to inform ongoing monitoring (follow up of implementation of the Action Plan)

NIMDTA is required to submit Deanery Reports to the GMC twice per year and will be visited by the GMC during routine visits and may also be visited as a triggered visit or as part of a response to concerns.

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