Foundation Year 1

The Placement Quality work with the Foundation Programme involved review of available information locally and nationally, a new dedicated trainee survey and multiple focus groups with trainees.

On 1st April 2019, Queens University Belfast and NIMDTA jointly hosted the “Redefining F1” Foundation Summit, with the aim being to consider specifically the experiences of F1 doctors in NI and to identify how the F1 experience could be redefined through a collaborative approach involving all of the key stakeholders. Representatives of all interested parties in the NI Foundation Programme (DoH, HSCB, PHA, HSC Trusts, NIMDTA, QUB, GMC, BMA, and Trainee representatives) attended and participated actively in the Summit. The outcomes that F1s are expected to achieve during their first year of practice and the feedback from the PQ Review were presented.

Following the Summit, the Placement Quality Review team, led by Dr Sally Anne Phillips (Associate Dean for Placement Quality), produced a Foundation Placement Quality Report based on the background information presented and on the proposals generated during the Summit. The Report outlined 12 Key Recommendations for HSC Trusts to improve the F1 experience.

During summer 2019, the Placement Quality Review team met with representatives of each Trust to share the Placement Quality Review findings for each site within their Trust and the UKFPO ranking analysis for the GMC NTS 2018. The team learnt of the local actions being taken to implement “quick fixes” in advance of the August 2019 changeover, and the longer term strategies each Trust was developing.

On 9th October 2019, Queens University Belfast and NIMDTA jointly hosted a “Redefining F1 Follow-up” event. Each Trust was asked to give a short presentation outlining the actions taken to address each of the Key Recommendations and to describe the further actions planned. All key stakeholders were invited to attend and contribute, to learn and share good practice from each Trust, and to discuss the remaining common challenges which might require advice/input from the DoH.

A ‘Finding Solutions Together’ Workshop at the “Redefining F1Follow-up” event identified the good practice presented that could be easily transferred across Trusts, reviewed the obstacles encountered by all Trusts and collectively identified possible local solutions. The remaining common challenges which might require advice/input from the DoH were then considered.

The Progress Update below summarises areas of good practice, identified solutions and local obstacles to implementing key recommendations and highlights areas for further development.