Quality Management Group

Quality Management at NIMDTA is overseen by the Quality Management Group which was set up in March 2009 and meets every 2 weeks under the Chairmanship of the Associate Dean for Secondary Care.  It reports to the NIMDTA Board through the Chief Executive and the Senior Management Team.

Composition and Membership
  • Director of Hospital Specialty Training (Chairman)
  • Chief Executive/Postgraduate Medical Dean
  • Postgraduate Dental Dean (as necessary)
  • Director of Postgraduate General Practice Education
  • Director for the Foundation Programme
  • Associate Dean for Faculty Development and Deanery Visits
  • Professional Support Manager
  • Education Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Director/Associate Director, Centre for Medical Education, School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Science, QUB
  • Quality Management Executive Officer
  • Heads of School (as necessary)
Aims of Group
NIMDTA is committed to promoting excellence in healthcare by delivering high quality postgraduate medical education and training. The Quality Management Group has therefore been set up to:

  • Monitor and assess progress against National Standards of postgraduate medical and dental training (GMC, GDC/COPDEND) and ensure that they are being met in the Deanery
  • Ensure that areas of notable practice are shared across all specialties (through the Specialty Schools Forum)
  • Continuously improve the quality of postgraduate medical and dental education and training
  • Identify the factors which impact on the development of postgraduate education and training
Modus Operandi
The Quality Management Group aims to monitor, manage and improve postgraduate medical and dental education through a collaborative partnership with Regulatory Bodies, Local Education Providers and other stakeholders.  It is the aim of the Quality Management Group:

  • To design trainee questionnaires, annual report forms (LEP and Specialty Schools) and Deanery LEP Visits in the same format as GMC standards
  • To keep things simple and easy to understand
  • To maintain and develop relationships with the Heads and Deputy Heads of Specialty Schools through their participation (as necessary) on the Quality Management Group and through interaction at the Specialty Schools Forum
  • To maintain and develop relationships with the Local Education Providers through interaction at the Regional Directors of Medical Education Meetings and through their participation in Specialty School Boards (shared) and Specialty School Forum (in rotation).
Specific Functions
The areas of interest for the Quality Management Group are in:

  • Promotion of response, analysis of results and response to the GMC Annual National Training Surveys
  • Planning, conduct and reporting of Annual Deanery Visits to Local Education Providers
  • Planning, conduct, analysis and reporting of Deanery End of Year Trainee Surveys
  • design, collection and analysis of Reports and Action Plans from Specialty Schools and Local Education Providers
  • Collation of results and analysis of:
    • GMC Annual National Training Surveys
    • Deanery Visits to LEPs
    • SpecialtySchooland Local Education Provider Annual Reports
    • RITA and ARCP Outcomes
    • Specialty Examination Results
  • Production of Deanery Reports and Action Plan for GMC identifying areas of concern and good practice
  • Oversee faculty development:
  • To meet GMC standards
  • To collaborate with LEPs to develop Consultant, Staff Grades and Associate Specialists Trainers as Clinical and Educational Supervisors (Teaching the Teachers Courses)
  • To collaborate with Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Design and review appraisal for Heads (and Deputy Heads of School) and Training Programme Directors. Assist Local Education Providers in implementation of Appraisal for Clinical and Education Supervisors.
  • Provide guidance to Heads and Deputy Heads of School on implementation of GMC standards
  • Prepare for GMC visits

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