Quality Management

Quality Assurance is carried out by the GMC and includes the policies, standards, systems and processes in place to maintain and enhance the quality of medical education and training in the UK. From 2021, the GMC QAF requires NIMDTA to submit a Declaration which demonstrates that both the Deanery and LEPs are meeting GMC standards. This declaration will be published on the GMC website, as well as the expected next declaration date. The first NIMDTA declaration will be made in 2021-22 with a re-declaration every four years. Between declarations, NIMDTA will submit an Annual Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to the GMC.

Quality Management (QM)
QM refers to the arrangements through which a Deanery satisfies itself that the LEPs are meeting the GMC’s standards. Deaneries are responsible for the educational governance of all approved foundation programme and specialty (including GP) training programmes. In Northern Ireland, these LEPs include Health and Social Care Trusts, Public Health Agency and GP practices. QM is a partnership between these organisations because it is only through working together that deaneries, Royal Colleges and Faculties, with LEPs, can deliver postgraduate medical education and training to the standards required.

Quality Control (QC)
QC is the arrangement through which the LEPs ensure that postgraduate medical trainees receive education and training that meets local, national and professional standards. The GMC quality assures medical education and training through the deaneries but day-to-day delivery is at LEP level. Each LEP must demonstrate how the GMC’s standards and requirements are being achieved. NIMDTA supports LEPs in doing this and ensures that systems of delivery and QC are consistent across specialties and LEPs.

Learning and Development Agreement (LDA)
NIMDTA has a Learning and Development Agreement (LDA) with each LEP. The LDA provides the framework for setting out the standards to be achieved for the provision of high quality postgraduate medical and dental education and training and outlines the roles and responsibility of each party and the services to be delivered under the terms of the agreement

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