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NIMDTA Trainee Ambassador Recruitment

NIMDTA believe that NI Medical and Dental trainees should be VALUED

We strive to ensure that trainees are listened to, supported and provided with high quality training opportunities.

This has led to the development of a VALUED strategy, to ensure that your:

Voice is listened to
Applaud & acclaim success
Life-work balance
Up to date & high quality training
Enhanced learning opportunities

The role of Trainee Ambassadors has been developed by NIMDTA to align with the VALUED strategy, with the overall aims of:

  • Promoting connections between trainees
  • Highlighting benefits of training
  • Strengthening the link between NIMDTA and trainees

These qualities and goals have never been more important with the unprecedented stress that the healthcare workforce has endured due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is reflected in the GMC survey with more doctors reporting burnout than ever before. If you feel in a position to support your colleagues during this time by pioneering and engaging in wellbeing and quality improvement work this is the role for you.

NIMDTA will support trainees in this role via four-monthly support meetings, to allow ambassadors to gain new skills, share ideas and explore any issues. Ambassadors will initially be appointed for a one year period, with the option to continue in post after this if desired and with the support of the educational supervisors.

  • Promoting your programme and training in NI
  • Acting as a point of contact for new trainees within your programme (both inside and outside NI)
  • Helping promote NIMDTA initiatives such as mentoring, iQuest, ADEPT, EQUIP, ENGAGE, Peer Interview Programme etc. to trainees
  • Supporting NIMDTA events and other events relevant to trainees such as Dare to Excel Day, Trainee Clinical Research Day, FMLM Conference, Welcome events and NIMDTA Roadshow events
  • Opportunity to engage with ongoing work streams: international medical graduates, wellbeing and kindness, sustainability, speaking up and digital innovation
  • Connecting current trainees together
  • Improving communication and collaboration amongst trainees within and across training programmes
  • Strengthening the link between trainees and trainers/NIMDTA educational leaders
  • Contributing to running of the Trainee Ambassador Group
  • Attending scheduled Trainee Ambassador Group meetings approx. 4mthly

  • Motivated – Committed, Purposeful
  • Sociable – Friendly, Engaging, Interested in others, People-focused, Welcoming
  • Organised – Able to plan and meet deadlines
  • Supportive – Helpful, Understanding, Encouraging
  • Optimistic – Enthusiastic, Positive about training, Good role model

  • Induction session to define roles and responsibilities
  • 4 monthly support sessions with additional training
  • Professional Development Coordinator: Anna Ciepielewska
  • Liaison with trainee with VALUED/Trainee Engagement: Mr Mark Evans ADEPT fellow

  • Open to NIMDTA trainees at all levels and all specialties, with the aim to appoint up to three ambassadors for each specialty (with additional numbers for foundation programme). If at any stage during your appointment you are no longer a NIMDTA trainee unfortunately you can no longer hold the position.
  • Duration of role: 12 months, with option to be re-appointed if supported by educational supervisors following this
  • Current trainee representatives may also apply, with a view to performing a dual role of representing trainee views but also supporting trainees and promoting the specialty
  • Selection: – application form (available below) emailed to
  • Approval of application via clinical/educational supervisor and Head of School/Training Programme Director/Foundation Programme Director/GP Programme Director/Dental Advisor

Trainee Ambassador Application Form 2022


Trainee Ambassador Application Form 2022