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Pre-Placement Health Assessments

All trainee doctors and dentists will require a pre-placement health assessment (PPHA) prior to taking up their first post with the Northern Ireland Deanery.

Trainees will normally only be required to have one PPHA check on entry to the health service in NI as a doctor or dentist in training. However, if there is a break in training at the Northern Ireland Deanery or a period of out of programme (OOP) an additional assessment will be required.

The Professional Support Department will contact all trainees who are required to complete a PPHA by email and will also advise which OH department they should submit their paperwork to.

Documentation Required:

The following forms must be downloaded and returned (in either PDF or word format) with the additional documentation as detailed on the Immunisation and Screening Checklist for PPHA


Regional HSC Pre-Placement Health Questionnaire


TB Pre-Placement Screening Form


Consent Form NIMDTA Sharing Information


PPHA Supplementary Questionnaire (Required for assessments to be completed by BHSCT Occupational Health Department only)


HCN Details Form (Required for assessments to be completed by SHSCT Occupational Health Department only)


You will also be required to provide evidence of your vaccination history when completing the PPHA, please ensure you have this information readily available in order to expedite the process.  Vaccination details may be obtained from GP Practices, OH Departments or Student Occupational Health Providers.  Please note it can take up to 4 weeks for some organisations to provide this information on request.

If you require an appointment the relevant Occupational Health Department will be in contact with you in due course with details of the appointment.

Please ensure that you also read the ‘TB Professional Responsibility’ form.

For further information about the PPHA process, please download the ‘Frequently Asked Questions

PPHA Contact Email Addresses

The Professional Support department will confirm which OH department you need to forward your documentation to. The email addresses are as follows:



South Eastern


Western – Altnagelvin

Western - SWAH

Data Privacy

The following documents outline how NIMDTA and occupational health will process, store and share your personal information.

Occupational Health Privacy Notice
Information Sharing Policy
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