Revalidation is the General Medical Council’s way of regulating licensed doctors to assure patients and the public that licenced doctors are up to date and fit to practise. Revalidation commenced in December 2012 and every doctor who is fully registered with a licence to practise, including doctors who are in training, are required to participate in revalidation.  The aim is to support doctors in their professional development, helping to improve quality, patient safety and public confidence in the profession.

Licensed doctors have to revalidate approximately every five years. In addition, doctors in postgraduate training also revalidate when they receive their Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) or Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration Combined Programme (CESR CP)

The GMC sets the date for revalidation recommendation for all doctors.

All trainees are advised of their revalidation date by the GMC after gaining full registration with a licence to practice and this is available on their GMC Connect account.  The first revalidation date will be set for 5 years after full registration.  A further revalidation recommendation will take place at the point of eligibility for CCT, meaning that many trainees will revalidate twice during training.  However, for some doctors, the first revalidation will be at the point of eligibility for CCT.  If their GMC revalidation date does not align to this, NIMDTA will ensure the trainee’s revalidation dates is amended (brought forward/deferred to the point of CCT).

For trainees in shorter training programmes (e.g. General Practice), first revalidation may take place at point of CCT if this is sooner than 5 years from obtaining full registration.

If a trainee has a revalidation date at the early stages of their training programme, a Form R and ARCP outcome dated within the preceding 12 months of the submission date will be used to make a recommendation.  A second revalidation at the point of CCT will also take place. If this information is not available, a recommendation for deferral will be made (see 9.1).

If a trainee’s CCT date is within 12 months of their revalidation date, it will normally be recommended to the GMC that revalidation is deferred to avoid revalidating twice in the same year.

All revalidation recommendations are made based on the information available at the time of making the recommendation.

There is a designated section on the GMC website for the revalidation of doctors in training which includes guidance documentation.

The Revalidation Operational Policy can be accessed below:


Revalidation Operational Policy 592.06 KB 19 downloads


Key Staff/Contacts

Name and Position Contact Details
General Revalidation Enquires Tel: 028 9536 0226
Prof Keith Gardiner
Chief Executive / Postgraduate Dean / Responsible Officer
Denise Hughes
Education Manager
Tel: 028 9536 0226
Gillian Carlisle
Quality & Revalidation Manager
Tel: 028 9536 0080

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