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Revalidation Documents and Guidance

The GMC has agreed that the ARCP process will be used as the vehicle by which doctors in training will revalidate and there is some new and amended paperwork to ensure all areas required for revalidation are covered in the ARCP.  All extra paperwork will be mandatory for all trainees in all specialties from 2013.  The following documentation will be required:

1. Information from Lead Employers/Host Trusts

Trainees’ employing Trust will provide a revalidation Exception Report if a trainee has been involved in any conduct, capability or formal serious untoward incidents/significant event investigations or named in any complaints that could affect a trainees’ fitness to practice and whether these have been resolved satisfactorily.

Exception Exit Report

2. Information from Clinical/Educational Supervisor’s reports

The Royal Colleges have added new questions relating specifically to revalidation to their reports. These will enable an educational supervisor to state they have not identified concerns that affect a trainees’ fitness to practice or to share concerns if required.

3. Information from the Trainee

Trainees are required to complete a Form R on commencing their training programme and again prior to their ARCP each year.  This includes a self-declaration on Scope of Practice, Significant Events, Complaints, Compliments, Probity and Health.  Trainees in Foundation will also be required to complete an Enhanced Form R for Foundation Year 1 and Foundation Year 2.

Enhanced Form R


All the above information will feed into the ARCP panel and the panel will make a recommendation to the Responsible Officer of “there are no known current unresolved causes of concern” OR “there are current known unresolved causes of concern”.