Shape of Training Review is Published

‘Securing the future of excellent patient care – the final report of the Shape of Training Review’

A new way of training doctors is needed for a changing healthcare landscape, according to the final report from the Shape of Training Review published today. Patients and the public need doctors who are able to provide general care in broad speciality areas across a range of different settings. The final report is available on the Shape of Training website:

Professor Greenaway and his expert advisory group are to be congratulated for their thorough and methodical approach in this timely review and for their efforts to ensure that the views of patients, employers, junior and senior doctors and professional organisations throughout the UK were listened to. I wholeheartedly approve of the overarching principles championed in the review. There is a welcome emphasis on the necessity for a partnership with patients when training doctors and a highlighting of the importance of acquisition by doctors in training of the essential non-technical skills of patient safety, teamwork, communication and leadership. I completely endorse Professor Greenaway’s proposals to develop and maintain doctor’s skills in caring for both the acutely unwell and those who are troubled with multiple illnesses through broader specialty training. The recommendations to recognise previously acquired competences, to place trainees only in high quality training posts and to introduce longer placements to enhance exposure to both continuity of patient care and supervision will improve the flexibility and the quality of postgraduate medical training.

Professor Keith Gardiner, Postgraduate Medical Dean, Northern Ireland