Single Lead Employer

For Doctors and Dentists in Training with the Northern Ireland Medical & Dental Training Agency (NIMDTA)

Welcome to the Single Lead Employer (SLE)

Established in 2019 as part of the Department of Health’s workforce strategy, to deliver a continuous employment experience for Medical & Dental Trainees in Northern Ireland. 

NIMDTA’s SLE is responsible for the employment of over 1,800 Doctors and Dentists working in all of Northern Ireland’s HSC Organisations, in addition to providing a payroll processing service for over 200 GP Trainees in practice across the province. 

By bringing the employment of all trainees under the umbrella of Single Lead Employer, we hope to provide you with a consistent and improved employment experience. This means you are free to move around the HSC, without having to change employer as well.

As your employer we will:

  • Issue a contract of employment for the duration of your training programme,
  • Provide a single sign-on to systems,
  • Provide advice on employment matters,
  • Improve communications by being a central point of contact between you, and the other HSC organisations where you will be placed,
  • and reduce complications in respect of pay and tax.

We’re also here to support you throughout your career with issues such as sickness absence, bereavement, occupational health, providing access to free & confidential wellbeing services, family leave such as maternity, help with pay queries, and providing advice on things like policies and terms and conditions of employment.

Employment & Training

It’s important to note the difference between employment and training. NIMDTA is one agency and while your employment will be managed by the Single Lead Employer Team, your education and training are the responsibility of the Education Management Team and Training Schools with whom you will have separate educational agreements.

Whilst separate departments, we will all be working together, along with Host Organisations (Trusts and training placement providers), to support you in your role. Training queries can be directed to the schools, and employment queries can be directed to SLE.

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