GP Trainee Payroll Information

This section contains essential payroll information for ST2 & ST3 Trainees who are based in GP training practices.  During your employment with your training practice you will be paid by NIMDTA.  Please take time to read the information contained in this section so that you will not experience any unnecessary delays in receiving your pay. You will be required to submit the following information to facilitate payroll:

  • Completed Employee Appointment Form
  • Pension Information – Please complete the J2 form if you wish to join / remain in the pension scheme or an Opt Out Form if you do not.  For a copy of the Pension Scheme Guide, please click here.  Most trainees will already be in the pension scheme, but completion of this form will ensure that you continue to make payments.
  • A copy of your last payslip – this will ensure that you are put on the correct point of the payscale.  If this is not received you will be placed on the bottom point of the payscale until it is submitted.
  • P45 – as it is unlikely that you will receive your P45 prior to the deadline for payroll information, please complete the Starter Checklist and forward your P45 when you do receive it.  Please note when completing the Starter Checklist you should only select Box A if you have not been working since the previous April.
  • Copy of your birth certificate.
  • Medical & Dental Pay Circular HSC (TC8) 2/2020

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