Southern HSC Trust Out of Hours Service

Please see below for a message from Dr Robert Carlile, Clinical Lead, Southern HSC Trust Out of Hours Service – details of available shifts can be found [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=695 linktext=here /]:

Dear Colleague

While it has not been unusual for the Southern Trust GP Out of Hours Service to find it challenging to attract sufficient Doctors to undertake sessions over the Christmas/New Year period to enable us to run a safe, effective and efficient service, this season we appear to be encountering more difficulty than we have in the past.

Therefore, despite the valiant efforts of the administration team and the fact that the HSCB has made available extra funding which has enabled us to considerably enhance the hourly sessional rate on a number of days as well as increase the number of GPs, there continue to be gaps in the rota.

For those of you who currently have access to our booking website I would ask that you look at it and if you are in a position to help out then either book on line or, if you can only do part of a session, please contact the administration team on 028 38399200 and they will be able to arrange to ‘split a session’ for you.

If it is sometime since you worked for us and you are no longer able to access the website then please contact the administration team who will let you know what sessions are available and will take care of your re-joining the ‘active list’ and organising an induction for you.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have already agreed to undertake sessions in the OOH Service over the holiday session and to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year


Dr Robert Carlile
Clinical Lead, SHSCT GPOOH Service
OOH Centre
Craigavon Area Hospital