Anaesthetics & Intensive Care Medicine


Anaesthetists are generally understood as the doctors who “put you to sleep for surgery”. Certainly this is an important part of their work, but anaesthetists, as highly trained specialists, have a scope of practice which extends beyond anaesthesia for surgery to include pain management and intensive care. Anaesthetists have a medical background to deal with many emergency situations. In these situations they provide vital care of breathing, resuscitation of the heart and lungs and advanced life support.

Anaesthetics Trainee Updates and Notices
The e-Portfolio is a web-based system that allows trainees to manage their training progress. Trainee Access In order to access the system as a Trainee – you must be a registered trainee member of the RCoA and hold a substantive training post. Trainer Access Trainers need not be members of the RCoA in order to gain access though they must be directly involved in Anaesthetic training. If you satisfy the above and need to gain access to the e-Portfolio system, please contact your local e-Portfolio contact. A list of these can be found on the College website: For further information and training materials please see: For support – please contact the e-Portfolio Support Team: Link to the e-portfolio is
Further information in relation to training in anaesthetics can be found on the RCoA Website. There is a section on the College website for the RCoA Trainee Committee.
Training Programme Details
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Anaesthetics Courses
Anaesthetics Course Details 2021/22 – Please note all courses are booked through Intrepid Course Manager.
Intensive Care Medicine Courses
ICM Seminars are open to all grades and specialties with an interest in Intensive Care Medicine, and are not restricted to registrars on the dual CCT program. Study leave must be booked well in advance to ensure good attendance.

Please note all seminars are booked through Intrepid Course Manager.

Contact Information
Name and Position Contact Information
Anaesthetics General enquires Email: Tel No: 028 90400030
Dr Mary Molloy Head of School of Anaesthetics Email: Tel No: 028 90400030
Dr David Lee Deputy Head of School of Anaesthetics Email:  Tel No: 028 90400030
Dr Esther DavisTraining Programme Director of Intensive Care Medicine Email: Tel No: 028 90400030