Paediatrics and Child Health

Paediatrics and Child Health is the medical specialty relating to the care of babies, children and young people.  It is a diverse, stimulating and rewarding specialty requiring close involvement with children and their families.

Paediatricians generally work with the acute services of general hospitals, the tertiary sub-specialist services of large Children’s Hospitals or Community Child Health services covering large geographical areas.

Hospital based services include in-patient wards, out-patient clinics, day-care/ambulatory units, paediatric and neonatal intensive care units and a range of tertiary sub-specialties similar to those found in adult medicine.

Community child health services include audiology, education medicine, services for children with cognitive disability, physical disability or behavioural problems, social paediatrics and oversight of child health surveillance.

Common to all areas of paediatrics is the need to work within multi-disciplinary teams in dealing with the ever-growing number of children with chronic and complex disorders.

There are close working relationships with colleagues in other medical specialties such as Paediatric Surgery, Radiology and Child Psychiatry and Allied Health Professionals such as physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, dieticians, pharmacists and specialist nurses.

Paediatrics is for you if you enjoy:

  • working with children, young people and their families
  • the intellectual challenges of managing complex cases
  • working in an informal and ever-changing environment
  • working as part of a multi-professional team
  • the social and ethical aspects of health care
  • the role of being an advocate for your patients
  • The attributes of a good paediatrician are:
  • being a good communicator with children and their families
  • having good diagnostic and clinical skills
  • having a good sense of humour
  • emotional resilience, patience and sensitivity

(Adapted from the Royal College of Paediatrics & Child Health website)

Paediatrics Training Prospectus

Induction Pack

View the Paediatric Community Induction Pack

Regional Training Days
  • Paediatric Teaching Programme 2021-22
MRCPCH Revision Course
This course usually runs twice a year around January and November and is spread over 6-10 days in various locations throughout Northern Ireland.

Further details of dates to follow.

If you have any queries please contact: or Telephone: 028 9536 0309

Child Protection Study Day
This is usually held around October every year trainees at ST4 and above only at Antrim Area Hospital.  Maximum intake is 15 trainees.

Further dates will be announced as and when they are confirmed.

Return to Acute Paediatrics
This course is usually held at RHSBC twice a year in January and July.

Further dates will be announced as and when they are confirmed.

Leadership Skills Workshop
Further dates will be announced as and when they are confirmed.
Advanced Neonatal Ventilation Workshop
Further dates will be announced as and when they are confirmed.
Newborn Life Support Courses 2019-2020
Further dates will be announced as and when they are confirmed.

All information and booking is via David Miller (

Safeguarding Children
Dates will be announced when available.
Community Paediatrics Study Day
Dates will be announced when available.
Ulster Paediatric Society
Programme will be provided when available.
Evidence Based Medicine

Trainees must agree to attend all three days (only 10 places are available)

Trainees must attend all three days in order to obtain certificate.

If you have any queries please contact: or Telephone: 028 9536 0309

All trainees are required to register with ePortfolio through the Royal College of Paediatrics.  New trainee details will be forwarded to the Royal College by the Deanery, however it is then the responsibility of the trainee to complete registration with the College.

If you have a query regarding your Educational Supervisor, Postings or you need your password reset, please contact Sean McErlean –

Teaching Assessment Forms
To download a copy of the Teaching Assessment Forms please click below:

  • Teaching Feedback Model and Reflection
  • Self Reflection on Teaching Episode
Training Hospitals
Paediatric training is provided in the following hospitals within the Health & Social Care Trusts in Northern Ireland:

Belfast Trust
Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children
Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital
Northern Trust
Antrim Area Hospital
Causeway Hospital
South Eastern Trust
Ulster Hospital
Southern Trust
Craigavon Area Hospital
Daisy Hill Hospital
Western Trust
Altnagelvin Area Hospital
South West Acute Hospital
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