Success for NIMDTA Educators

Dr Claire Loughrey appointed as Chair of COGPED

Dr Claire Loughrey, Director of GP Education and Training at NIMDTA has been appointed to the Chair of the Committee of GP Educators and Directors (COGPED).  This is a National Group which offers a forum for Postgraduate GP Directors from all over the UK to meet and share good practice.  Its aims are to encourage and maintain a consistent approach to GP training across the UK. 

Dr Darrell Lowry appointed as Lead Regional Adviser for the Royal College of Anaesthetists

Dr Lowry who is Deputy Head of NIMDTA School of Anaesthetics and Regional Adviser for Anaesthetics in NI has been appointed as the Lead for all the Regional Advisers of Anaesthetics in the UK and will sit on the Royal College of Anaesthetics Training Committee for 2015-16. Dr Lowry has also been elected to the Board of Examiners for the Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. 

Dr Claire Loughrey and Professor Keith Gardiner appointed to Founding Cohort of the Health Foundation’s Q Initiative

The Health Foundation has set up the Q Initiative to make it easier for people from all parts of the health care system with expertise in improvement to share ideas, enhance their skills and make changes that bring tangible benefits for patients.  The Founding Cohort met for the first time on 23-24 July in Birmingham and are working with the Health Foundation to further design, refine and test this initiative ready for wider recruitment in 2016.

Dr Sandra McNeill appointed as Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Global Project Engagement Officer

Dr McNeill who is Deputy Head of NIMDTA School of Anaesthetics has been appointed to this new role of RCOG Global Project Engagement Officer within the Global Health Faculty.  Dr McNeill will be involved in supporting global health volunteers as well as helping to coordinate some for the new projects for RCOG this year.

Dr Michael Trimble appointed as Deputy Director in the IMPACT programme.

Dr Trimble who is Head of NIMDTA School of Medicine has been appointed as a Deputy Director if the IMPACT programme.  Dr Trimble has been an enthusiast for IMPACT (Ill Medical Patients’ Acute Care and Treatment) courses from the creation of the programme in 2003.  Dr Trimble has also been appointed to be a member of Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) Internal Medicine Committee which will serve to develop the JRCPTB response to the Shape of Training Initiative.

Professor Keith Gardiner appointed to Board of Directors of the James IV Association of Surgeons

Professor Keith Gardiner (Postgraduate Dean) who was the James IV Association of Surgeons British Isles Travelling Fellow in 2003 and was elected to membership of the Association in October 2009, has now been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Association.  The James IV Association of Surgeons sponsors visiting fellowship opportunities for outstanding young surgeons from and to member countries. These travelling fellowships promote exchange of surgical knowledge and foster international surgical friendships.