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SUCCEED Strategy

NIMDTA’s role is to commission, promote and oversee postgraduate medical and dental education and training throughout Northern Ireland.

In carrying out this role, NIMDTA seeks to attract and appoint individuals of the highest calibre to approved training programmes and posts and to equip, develop and inspire trainees with the essential knowledge, skills and experience they require to meet the changing healthcare needs of the population in Northern Ireland.

Postgraduate medical and dental training is structured, challenging and rigorous. Completing a programme successfully requires dedication, persistence and planning with eportfolios to complete and examinations to pass in addition to acquiring new knowledge, skills and experience.

SUCCEED is a new NIMDTA strategy which describes a systematic approach to promoting success in training:

  • Connecting, informing, supporting, developing and valuing programme leaders, recognised trainers and trainees
  • Enabling programme leaders, trainers and trainees to fully understand College/Faculty curricular requirements
  • Planning and delivering training and education which thoroughly covers the curricula
  • Optimising commissioning of training, allocations and working with training partners to deliver the best possible training
  • Ensuring fair access to training opportunities for all
  • Supporting trainees so that they can maximise their prospects of success in examinations and at recruitment interviews
  • Facilitating trainees to achieve, develop and explore their aptitudes and purpose through providing advice, guidance and wide ranging opportunities

Thomas Edison, the inventor of the electric light bulb among many other devices, said “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”.  NIMDTA aims to encourage and support trainees to enjoy their training, progress successfully, complete training, equip them for appointment to permanent positions and enhance the care of patients in Northern Ireland.

NIMDTA Succeed Strategy